The Meaning of Valentine’s Day to Me!

Is it the flowers, chocolates, Valentines card, or the expensive dinner for two? When I was younger and shallow, all that stuff meant that I was truly loved. Well, as of today, I know that is not true, and getting all that over priced products has nothing to do with true love. Oh, don’t get me wrong I love getting all the Valentine’s gift and I love giving the gifts and all the stuff that goes with Valentine’s day.

What Valentine’s really means to me, is that I get to spent a very special day with my true soul mate. What I really love doing on the special day is to make dinner for two. I usually cook steak and shrimp, baked potato, green beans, homemade dinner rolls and a special dessert. I set the table with a lace table cloth, good china, the good silverware, special wine glasses and yes of course candles for setting the right mood.┬áHave you ever noticed the difference between dinner without candles or dinner with candles? Well from my experience candles make it more romantic.