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I was born in 1963 in northeast Montana, when I was 3 years old my parents went out and bought a place about fourteen miles outside of Glasgow, between Tampico and Vandalia. We lived in a three-room shack, no running water, no indoor toilet and no heat but we did have electricity. They started raising sheep, some cows and horses. When I turned eleven they went out and bought a house with modern conveniences, so we no longer had to heat with wood, it was a lot different than I was used too. I was upset because I liked our old house a lot better. I lived there until I was 18, when I moved out and got my own apartment. So anyway, to make a long story short, I got married in 1981, I had 2 kids and was divorced in 1989. All total I’ve been married four times. I’m on my fourth marriage, and I couldn’t ask for a more loving my husband. I met him in Riverton Wyoming, where he has been a farmer all his life. We got married in November 2013 in Las Vegas and it was just him and I. We did not tell anyone what we were doing. I go out and help cut the hay, harvest the grain and plow the fields and take care of the animals. We have 5 dogs, several cats, eight goats, two bum calves, one horse and around eighty head of cattle. This farm is my pride and joy in life. It took me fifty years to find my soulmate. We do most everything together. I started college to learn photography in the fall of 2014, taking Digital Photography 1 to learn how to run my camera. In the spring, I decide to take Digital Photography 2 to enhance my knowledge on photography. By now, I had time to look at the classes that was offered for Photography and for Graphic Design to get my degrees. July of this year, I was at Rock Springs, Wyoming with two of my little dogs. I was there for Professional Photographers Association Shoot Out, to learn how to take pictures at night. Thursday, we went to looked for wild horses, and never found any. Friday, I ended up with migraine which kept me in the motel room for 2 days. It felt like my head was going to explode. My little dogs Peaches, Little Bit, and I were stuck in the motel, I started searching the internet for training a fearful dog to help Peaches, as well as searching other dog training sites. This one web page came up; I did not know what the subject was about on the page at all. My sixth sense kept encouraging me to watch a video on “How to make Money Online.” I was not looking for a job or how to make money. No I didn’t need a job, I didn’t want a job, especially on line marketing. When I got done, I had found MOBE, which I had never heard of before. I was that touched with Matt Lloyd’s story. After watching the videos and hearing Matt’s story I felt a connection with him and his life. July 9, 2016 I became an affiliated with MOBE and enjoy working with other affiliates and their dreams for financial freedom. I am now looking forward to getting out in the world, and helping other people pursue their dreams of financial freedom. If you are willing to put in the time and hard work that it will take, you will be able to have the financial freedom you are seeking.

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day to Me!

Is it the flowers, chocolates, Valentines card, or the expensive dinner for two? When I was younger and shallow, all that stuff meant that I was truly loved. Well, as of today, I know that is not true, and getting all that over priced products has nothing to do with true love. Oh, don’t get me wrong I love getting all the Valentine’s gift and I love giving the gifts and all the stuff that goes with Valentine’s day.

What Valentine’s really means to me, is that I get to spent a very special day with my true soul mate. What I really love doing on the special day is to make dinner for two. I usually cook steak and shrimp, baked potato, green beans, homemade dinner rolls and a special dessert. I set the table with a lace table cloth, good china, the good silverware, special wine glasses and yes of course candles for setting the right mood. Have you ever noticed the difference between dinner without candles or dinner with candles? Well from my experience candles make it more romantic.